Dr. Ivan Baxter, Principal Investigator, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Expertise: QTL analysis, ionomics

Project personnel:

Allen Hubbard, Postdoctoral Associate

Greg Ziegler, Research Manager

Jennifer Barrett, Lab Manager

Hui Jiang, Senior Research Associate

Melissa Jurkowski, Laboratory Assistant

Xiaoping Li, Laboratory Technician

Tim Parker, Computational Scientist

Dr. Asaph Cousins, Co-Principal Investigator, Washington State University
Expertise: C4 Photosynthesis, carbon-isotope exchange

Project personnel:

Patrick Ellsworth, Postdoctoral Associate

Ryan Wessendorf

Robert Di Mario

Dr. Jose Dinneny, Co-Principal Investigator, Stanford
Expertise: Root developmental biology, abiotic response, cell-specific gene expression

Project personnel:

Jennifer Brophy

Katie Magallon

Dr. Andrew Leakey, Co-Principal Investigator, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Expertise: Field crop physiology, drought response

Project personnel:

Rachel Paul, Graduate Student

Darshi Banan, Graduate Student

Kadam Niteen, Postdoctoral Associate

Charles Pignon, Postdoctoral Associate

Luke Freyfogle

Dr. Todd Mockler, Co-Principal Investigator, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Expertise: RNA-seq, high-throughput screens

Project personnel:

Jennifer Arp, Postdoctoral Fellow

Josh Rosnow, Postdoctoral Associate

Erica Agnew, Lab Manager

Nadia Shakoor, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Seung Yon (Sue) Rhee, Co-Principal Investigator, Carnegie Institution for Science
Expertise: Metabolic networks, computational biology, stress systems biology

Project personnel:

Cheng Zhao, Postdoctoral Associate

Megan Ruffley, Postdoctoral Associate

Purva Karia, Postdoctoral Associate

Will Dwyer, Research Assistant

Danny Ginzburg, Research Assistant

Olivia MacDonald, Research Assistant

Previous personnel:

Fan Lin, Postdoctoral Associate

Jue Fan, Postdoctoral Associate

Jim Guo, Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Dan Voytas, Co-Principal Investigator, University of Minnesota
Expertise: Gene replacement technologies

Project personnel:

Matt Zinselmeier

Colby Starker

Yang Liu


Dr. Albert KauschCo-Principal Investigator, University of Rhode Island

Expertise: Improving transformation, impact on regulatory environment

Project personnel:

Kimberly Nelson-Vasilchik

Joel Hague